We would like to submit a tender of our core business which is:
protection against corrosion of steel and concrete, chemical cleaning of objects, graffiti removal, anti-graffiti protective coating.

Zakład Robót Antykorozyjnych FRYKAR (Corrosion Preservation Plant) exists since 1987 and its aim is to protect steel ad concrete against corrosion to ensure durability of objects.

We provide stationary services in the full range of our offer in our factory located in Bytom. We render services of abrasive blasting in a 4m x 5m x 9.3m professional blast room.

We guarantee high quality and timeliness of our services, what is more, our professional equipment is operated by a highly qualified staff with many years of experience. FRYKAR's services are provided in the country as well as abroad.

The company is available and ready to perform works in all kinds of conditions in order to adjust to the needs of the investor, because every Customer is treated individually.

The scope of our services, good organisation of work and the acquired skills and experience form the solid foundation of our business.

We are looking forward to doing business with you!


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